iPad Initiative FAQ

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about ‘Iolani School's One-to-One iPad Initiative, which is part of an Educational Technology Plan to provide all students (K - 12) with the tools that today's educational environments demand as well as resources and support needed to maintain technology.

The Educational Technology Plan also aligns with the opening and goals of the Sullivan Center for Innovation and Leadership. The goals of the plan include:

  • Creating a student-driven learning environment
  • Preparing students to engage in the affairs of the world
  • Developing skilled learners who use technology effectively for learning and exploring
  • Engaging students in real world situations
  • Enhancing communication and collaboration to promote effective learning and the ethical and respectful use of technology
  • Empowering teachers to design dynamic, engaging learning environments to challenge, inspire and reach the needs of learners
  • Providing equitable access to technology tools for all students

iPad Initiative Frequently Asked Questions

My iPad won’t turn on.  What do I do?

If you are sure it’s charged, try pressing and holding both the power and home buttons down at the same time for about 10 seconds and that will often do the trick.  If it still won’t turn on, come to the ITS Office in I-111 for assistance.

How may I block certain web sites and content at home?

Since most households have multiple computers, you may wish to look at a solution that you implement for the entire house.  Your home Internet provider or router vendor may offer options and solutions to meet your needs and may also have free software for your computers to meet these needs.

Here are some examples:

  • Hawaiian Telcom currently recommends McAfee software for computers.
  • Oceanic Time Warner also currently recommends McAfee software for computers.
  • NetGear has certain routers you can use purchase and use on your home network to provide house-wide parental controls.
  • Additional restrictions can be placed on the iPad itself, but such changes may adversely affect classroom use of the device. Therefore, we ask that you meet with us to review various options before installing additional restrictions on the iPad.

Why is the App Store missing from the iPads in grades K-8?

Administrators and teachers took great care in finding and choosing appropriate apps for these devices. They also carefully weighed the advantages and disadvantages of restricting access to the App Store on the iPads for various grade levels. For grades K-8, we decided it was prudent, during this first year at least, to restrict access to the App Store. This policy will help preserve sufficient space on the devices for academic needs and will make it easier for parents to monitor apps to which their children have access. 
Will the App Store be available again for grades 7 and 8?
As faculty and departments find new iPad apps they want to make available to students for school needs, the school will make the App store available again at designated times in order to allow students to install apps that they need for their classes. These open windows of access may occasionally occur during school hours but will typically be scheduled during the weekends.
May I add or remove Apps from my child’s iPad?
We welcome parent involvement in the monitoring and appropriate use of the iPad and apps.  Parents may add apps that they feel will help enhance their child’s educational experience with the device.  They may also delete apps that they deem inappropriate by pressing and holding the app icon until it wiggles and an “x” appears in the top left corner. Tap on the “x” and confirm the removal of the app. If uncertain if the app is needed or required for classwork, please check with your child's teacher before deleting an app.
How can I ensure that my child does not download inappropriate apps to the iPad?
The easiest and surest way to restrict access to apps is to keep the Apple ID password in the hands of parents. Doing so will ensure that only parents may purchase or download apps. If you want to change the password of the Apple ID that is associated with your child's iPad, follow these simple instructions.
Why iPads?

At this time, it’s the most versatile and stable device for management of students’ academic lives and helps them become more efficient learners.

How does this affect buying books for the upcoming school year?

The school recently partnered with MBS Direct, an online textbook provider. Once students receive their class schedules and the online bookstore opens in mid-July, they may begin ordering hard copy textbooks for the first semester of the upcoming school year. Students should order only books for the first semester and yearlong classes. Second semester books will be available for purchase in December. Instructions for ordering books can be found on the 'Iolani bookstore webpage. If you have questions specific to online book ordering, please call MBS Direct customer service at 1-800-325-3252 or email VB [at] mbsBooks.com

What about ordering digital books?

Although information about the digital books will be available on the MBS bookstore page as well, 'Iolani asks that digital materials NOT be purchased until students receive their ‘Iolani-issued iPads. This is so that digital materials may be purchased using the student's school related Apple ID (see separate FAQ about “What Do Students Use for an Apple ID”) then downloaded directly to the iPad.  

Is there a benefit to students using digital books? 

‘Iolani continues to maintain high standards for the quality and appropriateness of books we use in our curriculum.  We are constantly researching the availability of high quality digital books in different formats and are integrating them into the curriculum at the teacher’s discretion.  'Iolani teachers are also beginning to develop their own customized materials that can be used with the iPads.  Although the publishing industry is still evolving to meet the needs of digital textbooks for schools, we anticipate the additional long term benefits of digital textbooks will include more dynamic and automatically updated materials that are teacher-produced and therefore less expensive than paper-based versions.   We also view the ease of access and note-taking features as benefits, not to mention the lightened backpack load that students will experience. The school's goal is to migrate more materials to digital formats in the hope that course-related expenses will be reduced in the long run.

There is now a school technology fee.  Does that pay for the iPad?

The technology fee is not for the iPad per se.  Technology-related opportunities are part of 'Iolani's overall mission to develop liberally educated, well-rounded individuals who are well-prepared for higher education and responsible moral citizenship. This technology fee is necessary to expand and support the technology infrastructure and professional development for students and staff.

Once students receive their iPads, how should they maintain them?

Make sure they are charged each night and ready for the school day each morning.  Clean them with a microfiber cloth.  Additional tips can be found on Apple’s website.

Will students get to take their school iPads home on the weekends and during breaks?

Students in K-2 will leave them in school at the end of the day. Grade 3 will be allowed to take home their iPads starting in the 2nd quarter on weekends and breaks.  Students in Grades 4-12 will be able to take their iPads home on weekends and breaks.  Students may be required to turn in their iPads at the end of the school year.

What do students use for an Apple ID?  What if they already have one?

Students in grades 3-12 will create an Apple ID that uses and is linked to their ‘Iolani e-mail address.  Just like students have both personal and school e-mail addresses, they will have a school Apple ID and the apps associated with that ID.  Students in grades K-2 will use an institutional Apple ID created and maintained by ‘Iolani School, not individual or personal Apple IDs.

What if a student has trouble using his or her @iolani.org email account to set up an Apple ID? 
Students may need to first verify that they have and can access their student @iolani.org account by logging into  email.iolani.org. If the @iolani.org email address is valid and you are still unable to create an Apple ID,  then contact helpdesk [at] iolani.org.  If a student does not know his or her @iolani.org ID and password, it is likely that  he or she has not yet set up an @iolani.org account. New students will set up their accounts based on the iPad Distribution Schedule.  If returning students have forgotten their @iolani.org email address and/or password,  they should contact helpdesk [at] iolani.org to request their ID or to have their password reset.
How does a student register for an Apple ID if he/she is under 13?

We are requiring students in grades 3-12 to obtain an Apple ID using their school email address in order to register their iPad.  If a student is not 13 by the end of May, we will send Apple the student’s Apple ID information along with his/her parent’s email address.  Apple will then send their parent an email, from appleid [at] id.apple.com, with instructions on how to create their child’s Apple ID.  We recommend, at this point, that parents not share the password with their child, which will ensure that only parents may purchase and install apps on the device.

Does a student need wireless Internet at home?

The school requests that apps and updates be installed at home to reduce the burden on the school infrastructure and Internet connection, as well as to ensure faster installation on the devices.  If needed, free wireless is available at a number of locations on island.

May a student personalize their cover or get a different cover for it?

Students may personalize their school-issued covers in ways that are appropriate and in keeping with the way a book cover might be personalized.  If they want a different cover and have a compelling reason, they may make a request to the Information Technology Services Department to change it if the new one meets the school’s requirements to properly protect the device.

What if a student wants to get a keyboard for his or her iPad?

Keyboards for the iPads are not required and we recommend that students try to get comfortable with the use of the iPad’s onscreen keyboard.  However parents may purchase one they feel is the best price and fit for the student.  

If there is a decision to look at a new cover with an integrated keyboard, students may make a request to the Information Technology Services Department to change their cover if the new one meets the school’s requirements to properly protect the device. 

What if a student already has an iPad?

All students will be given a school-issued device that is configured to meet school needs and standards, so the good news is, now they will have another.

What happens if it breaks?

Students will work with their teachers to confirm usability of the device for class and teachers will initiate a support call to Information Technology Services if necessary.  Fees for repair or replacement are outlined in the

 “Rules for the Use of Electronic Devices” policy in the section titled Loss and Damage of School-owned Devices.

What happens if it is lost or stolen?

First, try finding it using a computer and the Find my iPhone option on iCloud.com using the student's school Apple ID. Students and parents are responsible for replacement and deductibles as outlined on the “Rules for the Use of Electronic Devices” policy.

Who owns and manages them?

The iPads are school-owned devices and the school’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) software will be installed on them.  The MDM is required to install software, maintain updates to the devices, and perform audits to ensure the iPads  are operational for school needs.  The MDM software will occasionally prompt users to install updates which should be downloaded while off campus. The MDM should not be removed from the iPad for any reason.

What if the MDM Server prompts to install an app and it can’t be done at that moment or it doesn’t finish?

The MDM server will prompt again the next day so it can be done at that time.  Also, the Self Service app on the iPad can be used.  To do this, when connected to the Internet, login to the Self Service app, choose the app from the list, click on Install, and once the Apple ID password is entered the app will download.

I'm having trouble downloading free Apps. What should I do?

Our Apps deployment server, although built to handle four times the number of devices we have deployed, will occasionally become overloaded with thousands of concurrent requests. Please focus on downloading and installing the paid Apps and download the free ones that are listed at this link. If the installation stalls, force quit all the Apps and power off your iPad, then power it on again and try to install the App again later.  You could also try rebooting your iPad. See how to reboot an iPad below. 

I don't want my child to use the Messaging App, what should I do?

We encourage you to review all Apps on the iPads with your child on a regular basis and you should feel free to do so at any time.  Messages can be disabled in Settings > Messages by switching it to the OFF position. Some students in Upper School find the Messaging App to be a useful communication tool and some teachers use it for school activities. Messaging may also be used by teachers in the Lower School, however the account is a school-based account and so and if it needs to be enabled for classwork the teacher will have the appropriate account information.

How do you “reboot” an iPad?

First, close all the apps that are running by double-tapping the home button (or use a four-finger swipe up) to bring up the running apps.  “Swipe” each of the apps up and off the screen to close them all.  Next, shut down the iPad by pressing and holding the power (aka sleep/wake) button until the red slider appears at the top that says “slide to power off” and slide it to power the devices down.  Once it has powered off, press the power button for a few seconds to power it on again.

How do I transfer data off the iPad before I give it back to the school?
Since all Apps will still be available to you because they are associated with your Apple ID, and because all the data on them will be wiped clean, please make sure you get any files off the devices that you want to keep.  Here are a few tips on how to do that:
  • Use Google Drive and DropBox Apps to save important files to "the cloud."
  • Use the iCloud backup in Settings to do a backup of your important files associated with your Apple ID.
  • E-mail important files to yourself and save them at home.
  • Do a one-time backup of the device to a home computer (Note: We have asked you NOT to do this as part of our school policy, but will allow it this one time before you turn in these test devices).  You can use this Tech note from Apple to help with some of this process.
Will students receive the same iPad every year? 

For Upper School, the answer is yes.  For Lower School, the devices will stay with the classrooms in grades K-2 however grade 3-6 students will keep the same iPads.

Will the school make “cybersafety” a priority now that all students are equipped with iPads? 

Cybersafety has always been a priority at 'Iolani. Professional development workshops are held before and during the school year so that teachers are familiar with responsible practices for using the Internet. The school has also brought in guest speakers to talk to parents and students about responsible digital citizenship. 

What is my family’s responsibility in monitoring what my child does on the iPad at home?
Parents are ultimately responsible for overseeing the use of their child’s iPad at home. Each family has unique dynamics and it is our intention to respect parenting decisions with regard to the use of the device. However, we recommend that iPads (and other similar technology) be used in an open space such as the kitchen or living room rather than in your child’s bedroom. Common Sense Media (www.commonsensemedia.org/) provides a number of helpful resources. Here are some articles you may find helpful:
How can parents control iPad content, including apps?

The best way is to schedule regular times to review what is on the student devices; ‘Iolani encourages parents to schedule time with their child to sit and review what is being done on the device.  The school also recommends associating gift cards with the student Apple ID account for purchases and not a credit card.  Parents may also choose to setup the Apple ID used for purchases with their child and create a password associated with that account that they do not share with the child.

I have a question that was not answered above. Whom may I contact?

You may call (808) 943-2358 or email helpdesk [at] iolani.org. Your question will be directed to the office which may best address your concern.