One-to-One Initiative

One-to-One Initiative

As part of ‘Iolani School's Educational Technology Plan, a K-12 One-to-One iPad Initiative provides all students with the tools that today's educational environments demand as well as resources and support needed to maintain technology.

The Educational Technology Plan also aligns with the opening and goals of the Sullivan Center for Innovation and Leadership. The goals of the plan include:

  • Creating a student-driven learning environment
  • Preparing students to engage in the affairs of the world
  • Developing skilled learners who use technology effectively for learning and exploring
  • Engaging students in real world situations
  • Enhancing communication and collaboration to promote effective learning and the ethical and respectful use of technology
  • Empowering teachers to design dynamic, engaging learning environments to challenge, inspire and reach the needs of learners
  • Providing equitable access to technology tools for all students

The video below documents the genesis of ‘Iolani School's One-to-One iPad Initiative.


The history of ‘Iolani School's One-to-One iPad Initiative

In January 2013, 'Iolani School expanded its pilot program by placing an iPad in the hands of every member of the junior Class of 2014, or approximately 230 students. A similar program was already in place for 'Iolani's fourth and fifth graders. The new initiative was centered around 'Iolani students participating in the research, development and execution of the program and builds towards equipping all students in grades K -12 with iPads for the 2013-14 school year.

To quote 'Iolani Class of 2013’s  Blake Tsuzaki, "The experience that the iPad offers really takes the classroom to the next level.  We're moving to a more technologically advanced society.  We're moving to a work force which demands higher and higher skill sets, and the iPad is a tool which will help to broaden students' understanding of the world and enable us to become more global citizens."  Tsuzaki was one of three 'Iolani students who worked closely with teachers and school leadership on the creation and implementation of 'Iolani's one-to-one iPad initiative.  Along with classmates Molly Browning '13, and Austin Darmawan '13, Tsuzaki discovered that the iPad's utility as a tool for communication, organization and information naturally enhances students' approach to school projects and assignments.  The trio, along with an increasing number of students, led a group charged with turning their own experiences into instructional videos to share with classmates.

In the words of Head of School Dr. Timothy R. Cottrell, "Engaging our students as leaders in this initiative embraces the goals set forth in our technology plan, as does building upon the momentum already established by 'Iolani faculty members."

The pilot programs were an enormous success with students and faculty embracing the use of iPads as  tools for learning, increasing collaboration, sharing ideas, and promoting creativity and developing presentation skills.  Students were also responsible in their behavior and handling of the iPads with the vast majority (about 98 percent) of the devices returned at the end of the school year in excellent condition.

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