Lower School Art

The major goal of art education is to cultivate students’ abilities to create original and expressive art projects.

The artwork students create reflects their overall level of development. Development in the Lower School art room covers intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and their prior opportunities to create art.

In the first grade art program, the projects encourage varieties of artistic accomplishment and understanding. Each project begins with an introduction of brief history, shared samples, a demonstration of working techniques incorporating vocabulary words relating to the materials and tools used in the creating process. “Hands-On Art” begins immediately by the student interpreting a theme and giving personal meaning to the project. While experimenting with the materials, the learning process is emphasized, not just the final grade.

Since the students all work at different speeds, there are many smaller projects for them to work on and continue to learn different techniques. Not everyone will have completed every project but everyone will have learned to have outstanding craftsmanship. Patience, skill, and respect for others artwork will round out the weeks of work in the Lower School art room.