Lower School Dance

Lower School Dance

The Lower School Dance Program strives to awaken every child's passion for learning while developing coordination, rhythm, problem-solving techniques, and self-expression. The curriculum supports interdisciplinary learning and provides performance opportunities for students.

All kindergarten through third grade students study dance for 25 to 60 minutes per week.  Dance class includes an effective full brain and body warm-up called BrainDance as well as brain-compatible learning experiences.

Kindergarten through third grade students participate in conceptual dance classes specifically designed to:

1)  IGNITE THE SENSES with a multi-sensory approach.  Students are introduced to dance concepts by "hearing it, seeing it, saying it, and doing it."

2)  PRACTICE COLLABORATION.  Even our youngest learners experience leading and following, partnering, peer coaching, group work, and participation in discussions for social/emotional growth.

3)  FOSTER CREATIVITY.  Dancers are encouraged to develop their imagination, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving techniques through creative improvisation.

4)  EXPERIENCE PURE FUN.  Lessons are enhanced with musical instruments and props such as scarves, foam noodles, elastic bands, and even rubber chickens to promote laughter and to excite students' developing brains.

Interested fourth through sixth graders may enroll in Contemporary Jazz or the Lower School Halau as a performing arts elective.  Dance students participate in various performances throughout the school year:

Kindergarten:  K-1 Pumpkin Patch, Kindergarten Ho’olaule’a
First Grade:  K-1 Pumpkin Patch, First Grade Play
Second Grade:  Second Grade Program
Third Grade:  Mini Society Event, Spring Dance Showcase
Fourth through Sixth Grade:  Fifth Grade Play, Winter Dance Showcase, May Day Program, Spring Dance Showcase