‘Iolani Dance Team

‘Iolani Dance Team

The ‘Iolani Dance Team is an after-school activity currently comprised of 88 dancers ranging from kindergarten to grade 12.

The team is divided into five separate teams: Senior Team (grades 9-12), Junior Team (grades 5-10), Petite Junior Team (grades 3-6), Butterflies (Grades 1-3) and Lady Bugs (Grades K-3).

Under the direction of Keri Abe, Vickie Sakamaki, Michelle Morioka and Cyrenne Okimura, the team serves as a wonderful opportunity for students that want to pursue a higher level of dance skills incorporating jazz technique, ballet, modern and lyrical dance and hip hop.

All dancers audition every year in May for a full-year commitment to the team. The dance team performs at ‘Iolani football halftime shows, band competitions, basketball halftime shows, the Aloha Week Parade, as well as participates in community services projects and competes both at local and national competitions.

The 'Iolani Dance Team performed at the Ikspiari Disney Resort in Japan on March 24, 2014